Carpet Cleaning Is a Necessary TaskFor decades now, carpets have been a staple of most home décor. The majority of people choose carpets over other options, such as marble floors, simply because they are cheaper. If more people can afford something, then more people buy it- simple. What’s more, carpets also come in all sorts of fabrics and designs- yet most of them are fairly delicate, and can easily get pretty dirty. In busy homes, dust and dirt quickly mounts up, meaning you’ll need to get your carpet cleaned more regularly to maintain its appearance and durability. Yet you’ll find that carpet cleaning methods are just as various as the different types of carpets out there and there are many DIY carpet cleaning methods out there. If you have an especially delicate or expensive carpet, then it could be easily damaged if the wrong methods are used. That’s why it’s essential you make the right choice with your carpet cleaning, and let the experts take care of things.

As the number one choice for carpet cleaning in Ontario, we’re proud of the experience and knowledge that our team possesses. We know many different methods for cleaning carpets, including our green carpet cleaning process. Every time something new comes along, we quickly incorporate it into our toolset. We choose the method based on the unique texture of your carpet, so that we can ensure it looks as fresh and clean as the day you bought it. In general, though, there are two main approaches to carpet cleaning: using chemicals, or taking an organic approach.

In most cases, chemical cleaning is rather harsh on your carpet’s fabric. By using acidic chemicals, the dirt, dust, and stains in your carpet are eaten away- it’s certainly an effective way of cleaning a carpet. However, these chemicals are only safe when used in the right amounts by an expert carpet cleaner. Otherwise, they could well pose a health risk to you and your family. That’s why you will want to leave this to the professionals- our team know exactly how to best approach chemical carpet cleaning.

Organic cleaning, on the other hand, is a much more health-friendly approach. One of the reasons why we’re the number one choice for carpet cleaners in Ontario is the fact that we use organic cleaning methods wherever possible, to keep your carpets free from any harmful materials. When done right, organic cleaning can be just as thorough as chemical cleaning- except it comes without any health risks!

In most cases, using organic cleaners is a little more expensive than chemical cleaners. That’s why more people choose the latter approach. Yet chemical cleaning can shorten the lifespan of your carpets, making it costlier in the long run. Organic cleaning is also a much safer approach for your family. While it might cost a little extra, we think that your family’s health is worth it- don’t you?

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